Departmental seminar/Prof. Dr. Hanbin Mao/Kent State University/USA


We are excited to announce that Prof Dr. Hanbin Mao will deliver a talk in Central Department of Chemistry on the topic “Click Chemistry Assisted Characterization of DNA G-quadruplex Structures at the Single Molecule Level“. CDC appreciates your presence in the program.

Time and Date: Bhadra 17th 2076 (Sept 3rd, 2019) at 1:00 pm

Venue: Seminar Hall Central Department of Chemistry


Prof Dr. Hanbin Mao has published many high impact papers in Nature Nanotechnology,  Nature communication, Journal of American Chemical Society, Angew Chem, etc. (Total citation~3500, h-index=32, i-10 index=49). Around half dozen Nepali Students have already completed PhD degree under his supervision.

Full list of publications by him can be found in the following link.