seminar/talk program


Following scientists visited and delivered talk in CDC.

Dr. Rekha R. Srinivasan, Senior Instructor of Chemistry in Case Western Reserve University, USA.  Title of the talk: A Journey of Innovation in STEM education. Date /time: October 17th 2019 /11 am.

Dr. Hem Raj Sharma, Faculty at the University of Liverpool, UK, Title of the talk:  Quasicrystals with Crystallographic Rotational Symmetry. Date/time: September 5, 2019/1 pm.

Prof. Dr. Hanbin Mao, Department of Chemistry, Kent State University, USA. Title of the talk: Click Chemistry Assisted Characterization of DNA G-quadruplex Structures at the Single Molecule LevelTime /Date: Sept 3rd, 2019/1 pm

Prof. Dr. Masaki Tanemura, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan. Title of the talk: Challenge to the controllable synthesis of nanocarbon based on in-situ TEM
Date/time: May 26th 2019/2 pm.

Dr Santosh Tiwari, Postdoctoral fellow Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul Campus Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. Title of the talk: SYNTHESIS AND DISPERSION OF GRAPHENE OXIDE/REDUCED GRAPHENE OXIDE IN POLYMER BLENDS FOR ENHANCED THERMOMECHANICAL PROPERTIES Date/time: April 12th 2019/1-2 pm. 

Dr Santosh Aryal, Assistant professor, Kansas State University, USA. Title of talk: Rationale design of polymeric nanoparticle for diagnosis and therapy of cancer. Date/time: 7th June 2018/1-2 pm