seminar/talk program


Following scientists will deliver/delivered talk in CDC. Your presence is highly appreciated

Dr Bikram Subedi,  Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Murray State University, Murray, KY, USA. Title of the talk: Research-Based Chemistry Instruction – Challenges and Opportunities. Date time: Dec 9th 2018 (Mangshir 23), 1-2 pm. 

Summary of the talk: Chemistry exists before there were laboratories, before there were human, before there was life!(Stephen J. Hawkes. Journal of Chemical Education 2014, 18, 1257). Duplication of what chemists do in the lab now or earlier generations does not enhance student’s core understanding rather makes chemistry irrelevance. There are several challenges associated with teaching Chemistry in laboratories particularly where adequate resources, capable instructors and student’s interests are lacking. However, incorporation of real-world applications of chemistry fundamentals in laboratories would improve student’s curiosity of learning, critical thinking, and the retention of knowledge. My experience with a cost-effective chemistry experiment utilizing the student-built instrument, the incorporation of state-of-art research in the classroom, and an enhanced student’s interest in real-world application research opportunities will be discussed.Overall, my experience with research-based chemistry instruction and associated student’s success will be presented.

Dr Santosh Aryal, Assistant professor, Kansas State University, USA. Title of talk: Rationale design of polymeric nanoparticle for diagnosis and therapy of cancer.Date/time: 7th June 2018/1-2 pm