Mr. Bipeen Dahal


Some of the important publications are
In-built fabrication of MOF assimilated B/N co-doped 3D porous carbon nanofiber network as a binder-free electrode for supercapacitors B Dahal, T Mukhiya, GP Ojha, A Muthurasu, SH Chae, T Kim, D Kang, H. K. Kim, Electrochimica Acta 301, 209-219

Engineering nanohaired 3D cobalt hydroxide wheels in electrospun carbon nanofibers for high-performance supercapacitors T Mukhiya, B Dahal, GP Ojha, D Kang, T Kim, SH Chae, A Muthurasu, Kisan Chhetri, Taewoo Kim, Hak-Yong Kim, Chemical Engineering Journal 361, 1225-1234

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